Why You Should Never Use Old Mascara

Good mascara isn’t cheap and that’s why many women are reluctant to buy a new tube every two months and throw a half full tube away. Despite how wasteful this may seem, there is good reason for this. Old mascara has a lot of downsides not only in how it applies and how it appears, but for the health of your eyes as well. If you want to get more affordable makeup, you can subscribe to a service like birchbox. Click here to find out how much is birchbox.

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When you apply old mascara to your lashes, the first thing you’ll notice is the clumping. Old mascara tends to dry out and this leads to clumping on the lashes. This is a very unflattering look that is best avoided for most looks. There is a way around this if you’re really in a pinch. Running the tube under some running hot water will liquefy the mascara again and make applying it without clumping a lot easier, but it won’t solve the other problems. Some people also add eye drops to their mascara to get the consistency right, but over time this water the mascara down too much to be useful. Rather get new mascara with birchbox. If you are concerned about how much is birchbox going to cost, you’ll be happy to know the price is very reasonable.

Even if you manage to apply the mascara without clumping, flaking is unavoidable. As the day goes on and your mascara dries again, little pieces will slowly flake off a fall on your face. This is a very bad look and unless you want to do constant touchups on your makeup it isn’t manageable either. Getting old mascara in your eye could also lead to eye infections. Bacteria can grow in old mascara tubes and when that mascara’s flakes falls into your eye, it could cause some serious health concerns. Be safe and ditch old mascara.