Cure Cramps The Natural Way

Athletes and couch potatoes alike have known the pain of cramping legs. The causes can be numerous, ranging from straining during exercise to a dietary deficiency. It could also be due to shoes that aren’t ergonomically designed. Shoes like help to prevent not only cramping legs, but also foot aches as well as heel pain.

Home remedies for cramping legs:

• Calcium deficiency is a common cause of cramping in all parts of the body. Dolomite, Magnesium & Zinc, Slow K or Plenish K supplements help to ease cramps.

• If you have cramps in the leg, stand on your toes on a cold floor until cramps disappear. This is more effective in mild cases.

• For cramps, you could buy a heating cream that will penetrate deep into the muscles.

• If you are prone to muscle cramps include bananas, green leafy vegetables, avocado, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, milk, bran and pasta into your diet.

• Including more red peppers in your diet will also help to easy the severity of cramps and might stop them from happening altogether.

• Drinking a regular potassium supplement will help to prevent and ease cramps. Many cramps are simply due to a lack of potassium in the diet which means that if you do consume enough potassium, you shouldn’t be suffering from cramps.

• Dissolve mustard powder in hot water and soak your feet for more or less 15 minutes a week. This will also help tired and sore legs.

• Magnesium can be applied to swollen and sore feet for instant relieve and long term healing.

Home remedies don’t always work for anyone and you should never be shy to go see a doctor if the problem becomes too big to handle. Investing in shoes like might prevent any problems from occurring in the first place.