Buying Wholesale Beads for Making Jewelry

In order to purchase beads at wholesale prices, you must be a registered business and hold a license or tax-exempt certificate from your state. This will allow you to purchase the beads at the bulk pricing and not be required to pay taxes on them. The wholesale suppliers of these beads will require you to provide a copy of your license and/or certificate number when you register with the company. This will keep people who are not in a retail business from buying at wholesale prices. Keep in mind that if you’re a jewelry designer, purchasing the beads has an effect on your bottom line- after all, lower cost of material translates to lower retail pricing and larger profit margins.


Of course, making jewelry out of beads is quite popular as a hobby and as a way to make a bit of income for those talented jewelry designers. When you buy beads in bulk, you’ll be much closer to wholesale pricing. You can do this if you are making the jewelry as a hobby but not as a retailer. If you don’t have a resale license, keep in mind that there are sites out there who will sell to those who make jewelry as a hobby. However, these prices won’t be as low as they would if you were able to get them at wholesale prices. However, if you are only making a few pieces for yourself and close friends/family, you may find that purchasing large quantities of beads defeats the purpose- you have too many beads and not enough time/energy do to what you want with them.

Finally, there is wholesale to resell. Most of the time, you have to buy large amounts, but you don’t have where to store anything. Those that make jewelry as a hobby and having the ability to buy wholesale should definitely test the waters, they don’t know what might be finished.