Adult Coloring Books: Why the Fad is Catching

From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones and from animals to patterns, the coloring book market includes a wide variety of very intricate images in books that are labeled adult coloring books. Why is this so popular that the bookshelves in store after store have filled up with numerous options? There are some basic reasons that the adult coloring book fad is catching.

Coloring Relieves Stress

After a bad day or a situation where the stress levels are high, the ability to focus on small details like a colored pencil or pen in your hand and the swirls and coloring the white spaces on a piece of paper can be very cathartic. Therefore, the stress level decreases, simply because you are coloring a picture. You can focus your attention on the task at hand, which takes effort but will not have negative consequences if it is not done a certain way or by a certain time, and you will find you feel better after the time spent.

Focus Helps Adjust Mood After a Hard Day

Coloring as a child always made you happy, and that activity still has the power to adjust your mood, even as an adult. You can relax, find a good point about your day and even see potential for tomorrow after spending some quality time with a picture in your coloring book.

The End Result Increases Confidence

Finishing a page in an adult coloring book takes effort and commitment. Therefore, when you do complete a project, you feel better about yourself and feel better able to take on the necessary tasks in your everyday life. You will be in a better mood and better able to address any issues you have to face once you have worked on and changed a page from black and white to bright color.